Mix your coins simply and anonymously. Mix your coins simply and anonymously.
Send us your SOL, select a time and we will send you other coins that are completely disconnected from you !


Easy isn't it ?


Send us your Solana


We mix your coins.


Retrieve your coins to multiple wallets


100% Anonymous

100% anonymity. All details of transactions will be deleted 24h after a successful mixing. The link to check the status of the mixing process will be deleted 24 hours after or can be manually deleted by the user.

Simple !

Extremely simple to use ! Do not worry and simply mix without trouble.

Low Fee

Extremely low fee of 1% + 0.1SOL

No Logs

We do not keep logs. All details related to transaction deleted after 24h.


What is SolanaMix ?

SolanaMix is a high volume mixing service that gives Solana users/holders the ability to anonymously mix their SOL. Using this service will give you the ability to be anonymous on the blockchain. The service is optimized fot small and large transactions and even if Solana main-net is down, transactions will be rescheduled as quickly as possible.

How do I use SolanaMix ?

1. Input your deposit address / addresses. 2. Set input delay, the more the better. 3. Save your session token. 4. Send your SOL to the generated address. Min | 1 SOL 5. Receive the clean SOL in a single or multiple wallets.

How much time does it take ?

Generally, the whole process takes less that 15mn, the acknowledgement of the deposit on the generated account can take up to 15mn, after 15mn please contact support and provide your session id.

How anonymous am I ?

SolanaMix gives you complete anonymity because we do not keep logs or user information. The informations resides in the servers only for long as is technically necessary for the purposes of completing the transaction. Everything is deleted 24h after mixing operation.

How can I contact you ?

If any problems occurs, please contact us via mail and dont forget to attach your session id.
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